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Why Faux?


Why Faux?

Of course we love real flowers.  But the ‘faux’ alternatives have improved so much over the years, in terms of quality and authenticity, they are just as beautiful.  We pride ourselves in sourcing the best and most realistic faux flowers.


Our biggest compliment (which is heard very often) is when people do not realise they aren’t real!

Here's a few reasons why you should choose ‘faux over fresh’:


  • Hypoallergenic - perfect for hay fever sufferers; no runny noses or streaming eyes

  • Cost effective – real flowers have a limited lifespan and are costly to replace regularly; faux flowers last a lifetime and are a great investment

  • Durable and low maintenance - once you’ve arranged faux flowers, they don’t require any more attention (no watering, food, wilting etc)

  • Always in season - no matter what time of year, you can choose exactly what flowers / plants you want

  • Keepsakes – a lovely everlasting memory from your wedding or event

  • Safety – some fresh flowers and plants are poisonous to animals

  • Hygienic and clean – artificial flowers are pest free and you don’t have to worry about water and soil spillages

So whether you are looking for flowers for an event, your home, work place or even as a gift, please contact us.

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