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We constantly search for ways in which we can reduce our impact on the planet, and reusability is one of those ways. bloominggayle’s realistic-looking faux arrangements will last forever; as well as saving you money by not having to replace fresh flowers, it also saves the environmental cost of relentlessly picking, transporting, purchasing and disposing of fresh flowers.

Fresh flower production has a greater impact on the environment as commercial growers need (heated) greenhouses, pesticides, herbicides and massive amounts of water to ensure the flower/plant quality meets the volume of demand.

Also, fresh flowers are wrapped in protective plastic before being flown / transported by lorry to their destination.   On the other hand, faux flowers are shipped in recyclable cardboard, reducing their carbon emissions as there is no time pressure to get them to the consumer as they won’t expire.

Shop our range to save you time, money and the environment!

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